The Convertor journey

In late 2011, me and Jakob stepped in as partners in the company Mediavision as it was called at that time. We invested just before the company was about to take the step from being a digital media agency to become a digital marketing agency and with it’s own product called ”Minisida”.

Without any external founds, we managed to go from a pure consulting firm to service subscription agency, we did that while we had double-digit growth in the company. During these five years went from three employees to 12, from 3 million SEK in sales to 10 million SEK, and from loss to profit.

At the end of 2013 and two years forward I worked in a operational role in the company as Managing Director, we needed to implement major changes in both organizational and product-related issues. I have written about the trip in a previous post.

It has been an amazing journey, a roller coaster with many uphill’s but with much joy and many valuable experiences. My time as an investor and Managing Director have developed me personally on many levels and I am grateful being a part of this journey.

This is my second ”real” exit in my business life (except for some small blocks for options) and my exit gives me the opportunity to focus even more on my other companies that I’m involved in. Especially Självbildarna were we started almost a year ago and that needs a lot of love and attention right now.

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