Every investment decision I make is grounded in a sense of purpose (or at least I want to believe so), including my latest investment in the backpack business and the company IAMRUNBOX. But let’s jump into the story right from the beginning.

I first meet Kirill and David (the CEO & CMO at IAMRUNBOX) at Nordic Demo Day back in 2022. Our conversation was enlightening, shedding light not only on their products but also on the broader landscape of the backpack and apparel industries. The way they approach the market and the philosophy they brought to the backpack industry captured my interest.

It was something about their product and their whole ideology about the backpack industry that raised my interest. After our first meeting, I was still interested but it didn’t lead to any investment. Usually, my first contact with the entrepreneurs don’t lead to an investment except maybe some industry exploration and insights. I like to follow the company and the entrepreneurs over a longer period to see their development from a little distance.

In April 2023, Kirill reached out again and updated me about the company’s bridge funding round and shared their ambitious roadmap for 2023 and beyond. I must admit, the puzzle pieces that hadn’t quite fit together a year ago now seemed to fall seamlessly into place. Moreover, the company needed some help in their board and in their business. As an active investor I prefer to invest in companies where I can be active in some way.

It’s very exciting to be part of a team that wants to change the way of HOW and WHEN we use backpacks in our active everyday life. It is difficult to find a backpack that is comfortably, for active everyday live, with high quality and that is waterproof on the market. There is definitely a gap to fill and a market to enter. The road ahead is full of positivity and optimism.

I’ve used the Spin Bag 18L for work and traveling for over a year and can’t live without it now. 

PS. IAMRUNBOX has a back-to-school campaign right now with some really good deals, so take a chance to find your backpack here. DS.

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