Roller coaster ride for a turnaround

I’m usually a start up guy, but two years ago I got the opportunity to make a company turnaround. The company where I was one of the investors was in financial troubles and a bad corporate culture began to develop. It was time to take action.

I find it hard to turn down a new challenge, so I said yes and in January 2014 I started as Managing Director. It has been a roller coaster, actually more ups and downs than a startup, which I didn’t expect. In retrospect it has actually been my biggest professional challenge so far, and keep in mind that I’ve started 8 companies so far.

Two years has past after my entrance and now it’s time to move on to the next project. Which is the next step? I don’t have a clue yet but I’m sure it will once again be an amazing journey.

I will post my experiences, the models and theories I’ve used under those two years here on my blog. Some will be written in English and some in Swedish, depending on the subject.

And how did it go with the company? It went from almost bankrupt, to be doing €1 million in revenue for 2015 with around 15% margin. That’s pretty good numbers for a growing company and a great return of the invested capital for the shareholders. The company has a bright future with a great team and a sharp unique product.

Who would have quess that I’m a turnaround guy too?

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