Social Media Awards 2017

I just finished the judgment of the Social Media Award Greece 2017, it is the biggest Social Media contest in Greece. The competition attracts the most competent agencies in the country and both international and local brands in Greece. It is an honor to be part of the jury one more year.

  1. There are some new international brands on the competition this year, but I´m missing some from the past years. Is the market saturated and the first thrill of competing in social media gone?
  2. New formats and new techniques are less this year. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and the rest of the Social Media platforms haven´t release anything big the past year. The exception is that 360 videos are entering the advertising world and that Instagram campaigns are getting bigger and bigger.
  3. Those who have money versus those with small budgets are even more apparent this year. Biggest budget has more chances to win, like other more traditional advertising platforms. Yes, money talks in Social Media too. Influencers anyone?
  4. No big surprises, some of the contributions was great, but not amazing. That was a disappointment for me.
  5. It is still clear when it is a traditional agency versus a digital agency that has produced the campaign. When a digital agency is involved, focus is on interaction and the techniques of the platform . When a traditional agency is involved, it’s like watching TV commercials on my smart phone, that´s still really bad!

The award ceremony is around October-November 2017.

Read more here: (in greek).

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