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Industrial technology has been an unexplored area for me, although Sweden is one of the top countries in the world. Maybe because I don’t have the technical knowledge and network in that part of the business world. But for the first time I had the chance to invest and work with an innovative company in cleantech and more precisely within ozone purification.

The company is called Arrow Lake and I have worked with the two founders in United Gazelle. I invested in the company this summer and I currently have a seat on the board.

Ozone has the amazing property of destroying viruses, bacteria, mold and other microorganisms. These properties, in combination with the company’s system solution (which is patented), make it possible to have ozone-based water purification processes in open environments. This new way of using ozone solutions opens up completely new possibilities and areas of application that have not been available before.

The food industry and aquaculture (e.g. fish farms) are two examples where we add great customer value. As an example our customers in the food industry can use less/none chemical cleaning and increase the products shell life.

The market is huge and a bit intangible at this point, the company has only just started its journey and the fantastic thing is that I am part of it!

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