I met Danijel and Jonas in an investment pitch almost a year ago and was struck by their energy and passion for their idea. They wanted to transform the world of skateboarding by creating the world’s best app for the skateboard community.

But the team wasn´t complete in my opinion and their strategy wasn’t finalized for creating a world leading company.

Just before the summer 2021 I met the team again and things had changed, They gained confidence, strategical knowledge and a new team member joined the company, Johan. To my delight, the company was fundable and I have now invested in the company. So I’m in the skateboarding business and happy that I can help the Shinner team to realize their dream.

Download the Shinner app to see how the first version of the app looks like but be sure that there is more to come in the future.

And No, I can’t skate, but it’s never to late…

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