Social Media Awards 2018 Greece

Reflections on Social Media awards 2018

SMAgr is the biggest Social Media contest in Greece and attracts the biggest agencies and brands represented in Greece.

This is my comments for Social Media Awards 2018, as I do every year since the first SMAgr back in 2013.
I had to judge 128 contributions including the categories ”Best use of Social Media and Best Social Media Strategy”. At a first glance, very interesting contributions and brands this year. I was looking forward to be amazed and surprised by creative campaigns.

  1. Overall, not impressed at all this year with the contributions. Social Media is a great tool to engage and interact with your customers and increase awareness of your brand, but many agencies didn’t seize the opportunity to utilize that
  2. A very few agencies and brands shine through and they are the big winners this year (My guess is that they shine on the other categories as well). The majority of the higher scorers is Digital agencies
  3. A steady increase in campaigns using influencers compared to last year. New for this year is that the agencies are collaborating with more micro influencers, the results are clear, they get bigger impact with micro influencers
  4. A lot of one-way communication campaigns this year. I mean who is interested to see TV commercials on their phone? This is a big step back for many brands. The interesting thing is that the more traditional agencies is behind such campaigns. Digital awareness is not there yet
  5. As last year, very little use of Google adwords and SEO in general
  6. Video is by far the most widely used medium
  7. And some numbers. 1 is lowest and 10 highest. The average score or all my judgments is 5,6 . My highest judgements is 9 and my lowest 3. No contribution got a 10

The award ceremony is around end of October 2018.
Read more here: (in greek).

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Infographic Reflections on Social Media awards 2018

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