Hotels around the world has become more and more dependent on OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) for their room occupancy. Hotels are forced to deliver beds and guest experience for companies that owns the customer relations and controls  the money transactions.

Every hotel manager’s desire is to take control over their direct bookings (for higher revenue), have a direct communication with their quests (before, during and after their staying) and to deliver an exceptional experience during their staying. So, you need a customer tool (so you can map and filter your quests) communication tool (platform independend) and a customer service tool (for both manually and automated responses).
Can guest messaging solve their challenges? I truly believe so…

There is a solution that does all that and therefore I decided that my next investment is in the company Bookboost, that delivers a guest messaging solution for the hotel industry that solves those challenges to hotel and property owners.

The idea and the solution

Bookboost can help hotels all around the globe to take control of the communication with their quests independently of the platform they are using (email, instant messaging, sms etc.). With a rather small effort they can built the relationship, increase their revenue per guest and create a better after market.

But quest messaging does not only concern the hotel industry. There are more applicable areas for this kind of solution, hotels are just the start.

The team

I had the opportunity to meet the founders at Minc in Malmö and had followed them the last 8 months with their progression. I must say that knownledge, determination and persistence the most important skills for an entrepreneur, and this team got all that.

Go to Market

They are in the right phase for me to be able to help them with my knowledge and experience. I am going to help the sales and marketing team both as an advisor and member of the advisory team.

Market here we come…

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