Eletive AB

Member of the board, owner or both?

For almost a year ago, I got the privilege to meet the founders of the company Eletive. The fund FTC2 wanted to invest in the company and I got the chance to meet them before the investment. FTC2 decided to go through with the investment and afterwards I got the question and the trust from the founders to sit in Eletive’s board. Right from the beginning I got impressed by their solution, the company and how far they come in their journey, so the answer was a yes.

Eletive have developed a tool for employee surveys, it is a SaaS company focusing on middle to large sized companies. With their tool, the customer can strengthen well-being and engagement of their employees, by increasing their insight and awareness with smaller but more frequently asked surveys. The tool impressed me with it’s user friendliness, the wide range of features and how easy it is to start using the solution.

For the first time I was sitting in a company board where I hadn’t any ownership. That was a big step for me and the question was, despite the lack of ownership would I feel as involved and engaged?

Maybe you should ask the other board members about the answer, but I fell that I’ve put many hours during this year, supporting the two founders, both in and outside the board. I feel that the involvement and engagement was there for me. And for a month ago I was told that the company is about to open a new smaller round and I got invited to invest.

From November and forward I’m both a board member and investor in Eletive and I’m looking forward to work more with the founders Marcus and Niels during the next year.

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