Verklig förändring

If your company stops developing, it’s heading for a long, painful and certain death.

The world around us is changing, whether we like it or not. The question is whether you and your company go along with this change. Does your company defend their position instead of moving forward and evolving? In that case, the company will lose its lead sooner or later and be overtaken by the competition. If you agree, you can keep reading about what real change means, otherwise you can read the first sentence again.

Change is inevitable, development however is exceedingly optional

There are countless models and theories about how you can implement change. Many choose to bring in consultants to help the process along but the real work must always be done internally within the company, because at the end of the day you’re on your own once the consultant has left. Be inspired by the theories, utilize the models to figure out what and how you have to change. The consultant should act as a guide and never take responsibility for the change itself. Always remember that you have to ask the right questions, but then you also have to be prepared for the reactions and suggestions that may arise. Because no matter how unpleasant and honest the truth may be, it’s the only way for you to start making steps towards the future. If you’d rather don’t want to hear the truth, you can read the first sentence again.

Do not think you can get away without doing the actual work of change by throwing together a 2 day workshop or letting the company employees go to an inspirational speech. Do you go in these thoughts, I can immediately tell you that you are wrong. Real change requires a long, persistent and dedicated work that never ends. You read that right, the change process in your company never stops, there is a continuous loop. If you’re the convenient type and would prefer other people to take responsibility over your process of change – you can read the first sentence again.

Countless number of times I have seen that decision-makers do not dare to ask the right questions in order to implement the necessary measures for real change to occur. Then the work of change becomes a powerless action, which sole purpose is to make the decision-makers feel like they’ve taken their responsibility, when in fact they haven’t made any difference what so ever. They can, however, say that they’ve started a process. A process that will never result in permanent and real change. I myself, in order to avoid ending up in a position where my work is powerless and unnecessary, usually ask one single question that determines whether I go ahead with the mission or not:”

Are you prepared to get yourself fired for the sake of the company?

If your answer to that question is no or you’re hesitant for even a second – you don’t need to call me for the mission and can read the first sentence again.

Work of change is basically about taking personal responsibility, creating a common vision and changing ingrained behavior, which also includes you. If you’re under the impression that you’re the last Coca Cola in the desert, that you’ve finished learning and don’t need to develop and change – you should rethink your position. Real change always starts in the same place; within oneself. You need change as much as anyone else. Once you’ve realized that fact, you’re humble and brave enough to start the process of change. Only then have you read past the first sentence.


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